eHealth Records

Healthscope Hospitals are part of Australia’s eHealth record system so please register prior to or during your admission so your doctors and health professionals can have access to your health information for your hospital stay and treatment.

An eHealth record is an online summary of your health information. You control who can see each piece of your information. Going forward it is proposed to contain personal health information such as your current medications, immunisations, allergies, adverse reactions, advanced care directives and emergency contact details.

An eHealth record will allow you to take control of your health records and enable your GP and Specialists to have access to information about your health which will assist them to deliver better care and treatment. In an emergency situation this access may be very important to doctors being able to quickly treat the medical problem you present with.

In the past health records have usually been stored in one location with minimal access to other health professionals and hospitals. Your eHealth record will allow you to access a summary of your health information online and also allow your doctors and other health professionals involved in your care to access your health information. This will assist doctors if you are travelling, need treatment after hours or see more than one doctor. The eHealth record could potentially provide lifesaving information.

It means that no matter where you are in Australia or which doctor you visit they can access your health records to help them efficiently care for you.

An eHealth record means you don’t have to repeat your health history. A doctor or health professional is able to see it easily and in a secure environment. They will know what tests you have had or what immunisation a child has had. This means a parent doesn’t need to try and remember details especially if trying to recall in an emergency situation.

You have a log in and password to access your eHealth record and you control which health care organisations and doctors can view your health information. Legislation protects the eHealth record system.

Yes, if you wish you can share your health information with family members, carers or trusted people.

An eHealth record does not replace existing medical records or a healthcare professional’s usual practice of taking and reviewing clinical notes. It provides an online summary of these records.

There is no cost to register for an eHealth record.

If you have any questions or require further information please call 1800 723 471 or visit the website www.ehealth.gov.au

How do I register?

To register choose from one of the following four options:

  • By visiting www.ehealth.gov.au
  • Call the National eHealth hotline on 1800 723 471
  • In person at a Department of Human Services office offering Medicare services.
  • Complete a registration form available at a Department of Human Services office offering Medicare services or from www.ehealth.gov.au and once you have completed post to:
    • My Health Record Program
      GPO Box 9942
      Melbourne VIC 3000

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